Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Brand Design – Area of Expertise EN

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How do we design a strong brand character? The first consideration is always the need for communication. Our clients want to talk to their clients. In their language. That’s why they talk to us. Talk about their product, their brand. We listen, ask questions and analyze, in order to fuse the many statements into a brand core. We develop a scenario together with the client in which the brand can best take effect. Here we consider the natural and the cultural environment … and interrelate the relevant events. We call this the brand cloud. We analyze its components in the detailed concept … and then map them as communicative plot points of the brand story. Here we draw on our experience in our focal disciplines Film and Interactive in the subsequent design phase we transfer the strengths of the brand character to an intuitively understandable visual concept.
As we have developed together with the company a clear idea as to who it is, what it stands for and what its product is to be in future, … our design can … fuse the brand communication into a key statement without costly misinterpretations. Launch it from a single source … across all media. This can only work with media that follow the same laws of culture. From our experience with sectors including sports, media, culture, fashion and various branches of industry we are familiar with the very different cultures of communication and can speak their language.
The resulting brand concept is multilayered and lively. And its events, values and messages appeal to the target group. Which becomes part of its own life.

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