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Sportswear hero, designer and collector, Gary Aspden embodies the British culture of the Eighties and Nineties.

From the hardened cities of northern England to the very heart of the UK capital, Gary describes his journey across the Country and the casual culture between different generations.

C.P. Company is, for sure, one of the iconic brand that defined what people call casual today. But as Gary quotes in the film, “there was nothing ‘casual’ about it”.

There’s an old British saying that goes, “clothes make the man”. In this case, clothes helped shaping an entire culture, which still resonates loud today. Much more than any trend, much more than fashion.

Director – Federico Mazzarisi
Creative Director – Roberto Merlini
Production Company – BASEMENT
Producer – Cecilia Virgilio
Producer – Carlotta Merzari
Executive Producer – Francesco Crespi
Brand Producer – Lorenzo Osti
DP – Tommaso Terigi
1AC – Carlo Pastaccini
2nd Camera Operator – Andrea Munafò
Editor – Francesco Caroselli
Colorist – Daniel Pallucca
Sound Design & Music– Daniele de Virgilio
Stills Photographer – Nicola Cicognani

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