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how do you become an online trainer
in this video here today i'm going toshare with you three tips
to help you start your onlinefitness business hey Lee Constantine
here founder of Personal TrainersElite helping personal trainers attract
high-end clients and grow their incomewith online marketing and this video
here today i want to share with youthree tips to help you become an
online trainer now i've been coachingpeople online
back since 2012 so i've been doing thisfor a pretty long time
coaching people online while stillworking inside my personal training
business and there's been many lessonsthat i've learned along the way from
starting this online coaching businesson the side of my personal training
business right sothe very first thing you need is to be
a certified trainer i'm seeing a lot ofpeople
trying to jump on the online coachingwagon now
without having the right credentials andthe thing is
if you don't feel confident as a trainerif you don't feel confident as a coach
in person then it's going to be veryhard to translate that online because
you haveless one-to-one interaction with clients
and sothe caveat to all of this is you do need
to go out and become a certified trainerif you actually want to be able to help
peopleand get results and the thing with that
is it's going to bring aboutheaps of confidence inside you because
when you do sign up people you're goingto feel confident
and they're actually going to be able toget results working with you
okay so that's the caveat to this so thevery first thing
that you want to do if you want tobecome an online trainer
is to have something called a salesprocess
right so this is how you would turn acomplete stranger
into an online client and so iexperimented with this very early on i
hadsales pages i had click here to
buy kind of things on websites and allthis kind of stuff
but what i really found to work the mosteffective for getting clients
online is having a simple funnelto get people onto a phone call
right because what you're able to do onthat phone call is actually build the
trustestablish that person's needs and then
be able to present your servicesin a way that's going to be compelling
and make them going to work with youso i'll link to another video to help
you understandwhat i'm talking about in terms of that
sales process and things to sayinside the consultation but when you
have a sales processyou're going to know how to take people
from social mediafrom outside in your network and turn
them into a client because there's goingto be a clear pathway for you to follow
for any time somebody inquires and somaybe somebody's reached out to you and
said heydo you do online coaching or hey can i
work with you and you haven't been surewhat to do you might send a few messages
to themand say yeah it's this much and here's
my paypal link butmore often than not people will probably
ghost youthey probably won't sign up with you if
you have this very brief conversationand just dive straight into the price so
if you what you want to be selling thevalue of what you do online the only way
you can sell the valueis really with a phone call to really
build that with a person becauseeveryone is unique right
and you want to be customizing this sothat brings me on to my second tip which
is to customizethe experience right customize the
experience becausethe thing is with all these different
solutions onlineyou want to stand out from all the other
kind of average trainers andmembership sites and apps and all the
othercheap things out there and the way you
do that is with acustomized service right so what that
means is you're not just going to besending out a generic pdf guide
or sending them straight to a likealready pre-created pdf
plan you want to actually finding outabout them
personally and then customizing theexperience
for them and when you successfully dothat you're also going to be able to
charge apremium price to differentiate yourself
from everybody in the market who'scharging 50 or 100 bucks a month
and you could charge three four maybefive thousand
plus depending on how long you'reworking with someone to really
work closely with them and support themto get to their goals
right and so i started out coachingpeople
um for very cheap online i was charginga hundred pounds a month
and i was having some customized touchpoints like a nutrition plan and a
trading planbut i always felt limited in how i could
reallyexpand my offering and
charge higher prices and it wasn't untili switched from
going to hey click here to buy coachingwith me to
having that sales process that imentioned of getting them on a call
but then also leveling up the servicethat i provided for them and having
group coaching calls and other ways tosupport my clients
and having access to other resources tosupport them
and that combined with the sales processallowed me to increase the prices from a
hundred pounds a monthup to six seven hundred pounds per month
to work with somebody onlineso you really want to make sure that
that sales process isdialed in you know what to say how to
say it and then you're going tocustomize the experience for this person
right because if you don't want tobecome a commodity in the market
something that somebody can get anywhereelse
you really have to be tailoring thisservice to their needs just like if they
were to be apersonal training client right so sales
processdial that in have a customized service
and i'll link to another video to talkyou through
the components of what that looks likethe things you need
inside that customized experience andthen the third thing you need to have
is a really clear pathway for thisperson to follow
because the thing is if you are justselling ebooks
membership sites and there isn't real aclear endpoint
then it's going to be really hard forpeople to want to take
action with you so you want to be ableto define a program and give it a name
or something uniquelike a 12-week challenge or a six-week
shred oreight-week belly blast or something that
gets peopleon board with you and we do this inside
the personal trainer's lead academy sowhat what we do is effectively bring
people on board in our programum clients on board with a unique
program a unique offer that's going toget people excited to jump on board
and so when we do this we are bringingpeople
from their point of unhappiness andwhere they're stuck
to a program that's going to get them toa certain point within a period of time
and when a program has something calleda defined endpoint
okay a defined endpoint people are goingto feel more compelled
to jump on board with it because itfeels like something that's going to
finishand it's going to get them the result so
you can come up with unique programsevery month or every couple months come
up with something unique and cool thatsounds exciting make it unique
and try to make it specific to thepeople that you want to target so if
it's women you might focus aroundtoning up or belly fat loss if it's for
men you might want to go down the routeof saying get shredded or get
lean using the kind of language thatthey'll resonate with
and the length of time that they willalso
want to jump on board with and so whenyou have that in place
combined with a customized experienceand tailored service
and that sales process that is all youneed
to really be offering online coaching interms of
how you deliver it i'll link to anothervideo as i mentioned but
nothing really changes from personaltraining except you're just not
physically seeing this personright that's the only major difference
with this and so you don't needwebsites you don't need a massive
followingyou don't need massive amounts of social
media followersall you need are these three things to
start an online fitness businessand then you just need to get people
results and they'll tell their friendsand then you'll have more testimonials
that you can share across social mediawith your email list and with other
people to showhow you work and what you can do and
then you're just going to open the doorsto getting more clients
and growing your online fitness businessso there you have it that's three tips
to start an online fitness business andget clients
online if you find any of these helpfullet me know in the comments down below
um let me know which one is the the onething that you feel you need the most
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