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We are going to show you a short workout that you can do at home to stay fitI hope you have fun!The main thing you need at home is a mat, otherwise you don’t need muchIf possible, a phone, because we’re about to start the warm-up and you need to use the stopwatch

The warm-up lasts around 4 minutes, with 20 seconds workand ten seconds restWe start now with a short warm-up routine,where we will work for 20 secondsand rest for tenAs I said before, it’s good to have a stopwatch so you can check the timeWe start with 20 seconds of jumping jacks

ten seconds restThen we move into knee lunges, left and rightThey work like thisTry to get right down low

And after 20 seconds take another ten second breakTo activate the core a little, we move into mountain climbers for 20 secondsThen another ten seconds restNow we move on to skipping for 20 seconds

ten seconds restThen squatsDo this for 20 seconds, bounce four times and then jump Bounce four times and then jump

ten seconds restAnd then back to mountain climbers for 20 secondsAh, good workThen another ten seconds rest

So that was part one of the workout,a small warm-up Now on to part two of the workoutI’m sure you have done plenty of workouts,or at least have some in you like to do, so I’m going to show youthree exercises that I really like to do and integrate into my workoutsWe’ll begin with side-to-side push ups

ten repsI normally do 20, but we’ll start with tenThe second exercise is for our stomach or abs,whatever you like to call themWe support ourselves with our arms on both sides and bring our knees to our chest

We do that 20 timesThe third exercise is for the side of our absGo into a side plankand hold in this position for ten seconds,then raise your hips ten timesand then twist all the way under and back ten timesAnd then repeat on the other side

That was it for nowI hope you have lots of fun with the exercises that I showed youThanks for watching and getting involvedI wish you all the best, stay healthy and stay fit!