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Hey hey and happy Friday.

I have to admit, I’ve thrived in isolation over this past year. I’ve come to discover I’m an extroverted introvert. I think I get it from my dad. He’s always been the guy who can strike up a meaningful conversation with a stranger but is perfectly fine seeing friends once or twice a year. Growing up, I thought his preference for solitude was, well, weird. But as they say, you become your parents, and now I feel my tree tilting more to his side of the line when it comes to social interactions—or lack thereof—more than ever before.

This past year freed me in ways I didn’t anticipate. I didn’t feel the guilt of not seeing friends or hosting dinner parties. I didn’t have to cancel plans, because there were none. Instead, I relished in wandering around my house and puttering in the garden. I loved having my little nucleus of husband, daughter, and mom and dad as my main social circle. And since I work for myself at my home, I didn’t have anyone to answer to or direct anyone else besides me, myself, and I. Looks like I work best that way. Or at least, I like it best that way.

This is not to say I’m going to stay in my cave forever. But I’m also not going to go balls out and try to make up for a whole years worth of social events all at once. I’m very ready to spend quality time with my besties and family, but I’m taking it slow and keeping things small. I’m keeping plans loose and letting things unfold the organic way, not the extra detailed, high expectation, way too much anticipation way.

So when I read this piece about the joy of slow cooker friendships, I could totally relate. Low investment, maximum return, without the pressure and all the expectation. I’m ready to play my friends, but let’s keep it simple, shall we?

But first, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves. Here we go!

This “decorator mom” parody is pretty funny and a little too true.

Is this why your dog smells like a corn chip? 🙂

This fiery cloud photo is absolutely stunning. I can only imagine it in real life.

It’s not a choice, it’s their truth: Three transgender kids share their stories.

So much to celebrate, it’s a national holiday! –> How to throw a Juneteenth party.

This sticky chicken recipe looks extra finger licking delicious.


This chicken zucchini casserole is perfectly carb free.

This is how egg drop soup gets a summer update: tomatoes!

This sausage breakfast casserole is what weekends are made for.


Breakfast taco tatchos for the weekend win.

Lasagna isn’t just for dinner anymore…just add chocolate!

Spicy noodles are the best noodles.

Bookmark these cupcakes for the 4th of July.

If you like watermelon, you’ll love this cocktail.

Buffalo fried eggs might be my new favorite breakfast idea.

These black bean burgers look vegetarian perfect.

PB&Chicken? You betcha! Over rice of course.

Here’s why more people are embracing being single.

See ya later mom jeans, welcome back low rise jeans.

This collapsible water bottle isn’t just smart, it’s good looking too.

Head to the hills and go camping in this 8-person tent that’s on major Amazon Prime Day sale.

I’ve been using this sunscreen under my makeup and I really like it. Plus it’s just barely tinted so it’s a foundation-free summer.

This shampoo and this conditioner are a new part of my summer routine and I am really digging both.

It’s so frigging hot that yes, maybe I do need a countertop ice maker.

The best way to treat bee stings.

To go or to avoid? Some of the world’s best nude beaches.

Macrame is why I won a blue ribbon at the State Fair! 11 macrame DIY projects to do this summer.

Pre-week planning might be the key to getting the most out of your week. Let’s do this!

That’s it for this week. I hope you all have a fab weekend, Happy Juneteenth, and a happy Father’s Day!

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