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Good day men im Nisa Homey and welcome backto my channel nowadays im sharing aprotein-wealthy high fiber immediatebreakfast recipe for weight reduction thisgluten free quick and clean weight reductionmeal is a super breakfast for thosewith health issues like thyroid PCOS anddiabetes the excessive fiber and protein willhelp to preserve you sense fuller for alonger time and for that reason allows in weight-loss so we could get began with therecipe I have already more or less chopped 1 tomato a small handful of (small) shallots now if youreusing huge shallots you may use approximately fiveshallots or you can use 1/4 of an onion1/2 of a medium-sized carrot which I havekind of chopped Im adding all theroughly chopped veggies into mychutney grinder and Im going to grindthis coarsely now in case you dont haveaccess to a chutney grinder you can ofcourse grate all the ingredients and uploadinto the chilla batter so Im going tocoarsely grind this so I palce this acouple of instances and it’s far coarselyground now if you need you could upload greenchillies into this however I choose to addfinely chopped inexperienced chillies into thebesan battar into a large bowl Imadding in 1/2 cup of Basen flour intothis Im including in 1/four TSP Kashmirichilli powder Kashmir chili powder hasless warmth in comparison to regular chilipowder so alter Kashmiri chili powder tomatch your taste half of TSP turmeric powder

1/3 tsp ajwain now while youre includingajwain simply gently weigh down and add theajwain so that the flavors are launched half ofTSP freshly floor black pepper powderadding black pepper enables to soak upturmeric faster into your frame 1/2 TSPjeera also known as cumin seeds 1/four TSPhing additionally known as kayam in Malayalam forthose who have digestive problems whilstingesting basentry no longer to omit ajwain

jeera and hing those three spices will help tobalance your digestive troubles so strive now notto omit it now add in the grated orcoarsely floor vegetables I actually have finelychopped 1 inexperienced chilli and Im alsofinely slicing a handful of corianderleaves add the finely chopped corianderleaves and the inexperienced chilli upload in purpleHimalayan salt as needed Im measuring1/2 cup of water and Im including 1/2 ofthe water first and mixing the batterthis is a very brief and clean breakfastwhich I make regularly specially whilst Idont have any dosa or idli batter soIve delivered 1/4 cup of water and Imadding in some other tablespoon of waterIm including an any other tablespoon waterso altogether 1/four cup 2 tbsp waterwater quantity will even rely upon thesort of Basen youre the use of so and wateraccordingly so this is the consistencythe batter is neither too thick now not toothinits a pourable consistency I am gonna restedbatter for approximately a minute or andthen Ill start making the chillas Heat acast iron pan and the grease it withgingelly oilpourr one to 2 small ladder full ofthe basen chilla batter and spread itout as thinly as possibledrizzle in 1 teaspoon wood pressed ground nut oil cover and allow it cook dinner onlow flame after approximately a minute open thelid and punctiliously flip the cheela overnow make sure your cast irontawa is nicely-pro in any other case thebesan chilla may additionally keep on with the tawa somake certain that you have pro itreally nicely before making this additionally be awarethat cooking in a solid iron pan helps inbetter ion absorption so when you haveiron deficiency anemia try to cook dinner atleast certainly one of your meal in a cast ironcookware after about a minute turn itover and serve to a plate repeat theidentical aspect with a rest or tea batter andthen unfold it outdrizzle in 1 tsp wood pressed ground nut oil cover and let it cook on alow flame and my short and smoothexcessive-protein healthy and immediately besanchilla is ready to serve so guys do attemptthis instant besan chillaand allow me understand how it grew to become out dontforget about to Like comment and share thisvideo with family and friends thanksfor watching and till subsequent time takecare bye bye