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“I am no longer a lighting designer, I am a fashion designer” – Tom Dixon

Nice pictures and also video of sports-related activity. This one is – “I am no longer a lighting designer, I am a fashion designer” – Tom Dixon. This is actually one that in our opinion that we imagined could be great to discuss and then let the world like it really like it just as we did. I highly recommend that you review and write about on your blog, social media accounts so this amazing short article can be viewed by many others. While you are here, have a look at our shop. We have now numerous fantastic deals on items in our shop. They are reduced by 30%-50%, while some as great as 75% off. We offer no cost shipping for those people in The States.

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In our second movie with Tom Dixon filmed earlier this year in Milan, the British designer discusses his foray into fashion design and says that his capsule collection for sports brand Adidas is based on the idea of creating a personal survival kit for Milan design week.

“I’m doing a collaboration with Adidas,” says Dixon in the movie. “So I am now no longer a lighting designer, I am a fashion designer, okay?”

“That’s been a fascinating experience of diving into a much bigger infrastructure and going in there with a very naive view but also a very different view on sportswear.”

He adds: “It’s been a riot working in this completely new playground of a different typology of goods, in which I can use some of the same ideas but in a completely new world.”

Dixon’s collection, which was on display amongst the steam trains at Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology as part of MOST, includes underwear, trousers, shirts, shoes and waterproof jackets that fold easily and can be packed efficiently. Dixon also designed a coat that doubles up as a sleeping bag.

“Adidas started off with a bag and then I thought, I’m not just going to do a bag, I’m going to fill that bag with everything that I need for Milan,” Dixon explains.

“So I started thinking about my personal problems. I always forget to pack the right number of pants or socks, or I forget that there’s going to be a volcano and I’ll get trapped in Milan and so I’ll need a sleeping bag [a reference to the 2010 volcanic eruption in Iceland, which suspended air travel for weeks].”

He concludes: “All of those adventures I had in Milan went into that collection. It’s as much as I can fit into a carry-on bag on a low-cost airline, with everything that I need for a week away.”

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