Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

Nike Genealogy of Innovation

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The good folk at Nike EHQ approach us to bring their Genealogy of Innovation campaign to life. The films tracks back to Nike’s humble beginnings and takes us on a journey through their key innovative designs across seven, game-changing eras! 7 Films, 43 years of history and 200 shoes, all in under 2 minutes…. Class Dismissed!

Directed and produced by Golden Wolf.

Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson
Motion Graphics Lead: Alex Fernandez
Producer: Ant Baena
Photography: Iris Erlingsdottir
Design: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Pablo Lozano, Wojtek Szklarski,
Animation: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Stefan Falconer, Miquel Rodriguez, Pietro Furrbato, Miro Klasinc
Edit / Compositing: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Stefan Falconer

Additional Credits (Renaissance):
Creative Direction: Golden Wolf
Direction & animation: Physalia
Production: Blackbox

Music and Sound design by Echoic Audio

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