11 Best Things To Do In Jersey, Channel Islands


11 Best Things To Do In Jersey, Channel Islands

Jersey has a lot going for it, especially with it being the biggest island within the Channel Islands. From castles to coves, there’s a heap of gorgeous spots and loads of the best things to do in Jersey dotted all across the island.

With a mix of British and French influences, Jersey has a unique charm that’s totally epic for a long weekend (or even longer) break. It’s the kind of island that’s teeming with natural beauty but also mountains of history that makes it so much fun to explore.

Plus, you’ve got the stunning island of Guernsey not too far away, too! 

Oh, and you’ve also worth remembering that Jersey is one of the most southerly points in the British Isles. This means it’s that little bit warmer than most other spots in Great Britain. This means it’s great for a summer break if you’re wanting a little warmer weather, all without travelling far at all! 

Best Things To Do In Jersey

Take a look, below, at the best things to do in Jersey. Have an amazing time in the Channel Islands. 

West coast of Jersey

Also, to the north-west, you’ll be able to stop off at prehistoric sites, such as the Le Couperon Dolmen. Although quite small, it’s well worth seeing, especially as it dates back thousands of years. Plus, you’ve got some gorgeous views from this area of Jersey. 

If it’s the north coast beaches you’re after, then head over to Plémont Beach which is gorgeous. Here, you’ll get to chill with the most stunning sandy before visiting the nearby ruins of Grosnez Castle.  Plus, you’ll get to see the beautiful views across L’Etacq and St Ouens Bay. 

Afterwards, stop by La Mare Wine estate for a little tipple and their vineyard restaurant. 

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Gorey castle, Mont Orgueil Castle In Jersey

Feeling peckish? Hop over to the Jersey Crab Shack, in Gorey, for their yummy crab tacos. 

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Sunset views over lighthouse In Jersey

On a warm summer day, this is total bliss and well worth a drive and stroll. 

Corbiere Lighthouse In Jersey

If it’s views of the lighthouse you’re looking for, head to the Radio Tower which you can actually book to stay within! 

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Beauport In Jersey

Beauport Beach In Jersey

Afterwards, head to the nearby Oyster Box for the tastiest Jersey Rock Oysters with spicy chorizo butter.  

Tidal pool In Jersey

After visiting Seymour Tower, stop at nearby St. Helier which is one of the best things to do in Jersey if you want a larger town to visit. Well, I say large, it’s still totally small and gorgeous. 

Once here, visit Elizabeth Castle (by ferry) or Jersey Museum & Art Gallery. Both are lovely and well worth a gander whilst on the south coast.

Actually, speaking of art, don’t forget to visit the 

Oh, and don’t forget to pop into Havre Des Pas, an outdoor tidal pool that’s carved right into the rocks. 

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Rocco Tower In Jersey

Right on the west coast, visiting Le Braye is one of the best things to do in Jersey if you want a long stretch of sandy goodness! 

This is a spot that’s great for a day at the beach and you can even test your skills in the surf. You see, the Jersey Surf School hosts lessons (and rentals) here – which is great for surfing novices like us! 

Plus, you’ll get some stunning views across to La Rocco Tower in the distance.

Bonne Nuit Bay In Jersey

Rugged coastline In Jersey

Plus, you can easily partner this with a trip to nearby Fort Leicester, Bouley Bay and the coastline towards Gorey Bay. It’s totally lovely.

La Hougue Bie In Jersey

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Seymour Tower In Jersey

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Greve de Lecq Beach In Jersey

Another north coast favourite, visiting Grève de Lecq bay and the beach is one of the best things to do in Jersey if you’re based around the north-west coast. On a calm day, this cover is stunning for paddleboarding and a little dip – plus, the sandy beach is just bliss. 

Afterwards, head to 

Jersey War Tunnels In Jersey

Not too far from St Helier, it’s quite easy to pop here for the morning before heading further north on the island.  

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