11 Best Things To Do In West London


11 Best Things To Do In West London

You’ve gotta know how much I love London by now? It’s incredible to explore, especially with all the exciting neighbourhoods that are dotted all across the city. From the fun spots in South London, the edgy vibes of East London, to the best things to do in West London – you’re going to be spoilt for choice on places to visit. 

This all being said, with so much choice comes lots of decisions! 

It’s almost impossible to see everything in London on one trip along… In fact, I don’t think it’s doable at all. Cities like London are constantly changing and forever expanding.

So, rather than stressfully cramming in every single spot you can imagine, I wanted to share some total gems in West London that you should visit. 

Best Things To Do In West London

Take a look, below, at the best things to do in West London. Have an amazing trip! 

Best Things To Do In London (20)

Yep, there’s actually deer in London and they

Best of all, it’s really easy to partner a trip to Richmond Park with a wider visit to Kew Gardens and Ham House that are both nearby. 

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Just shy of Hyde Park, the Natural History Museum is in that fuzzy area where you can also classify it as centrally located but also the start of West London, too. 

Best Things To Do In London (34)

Whatever the case, be sure to spend a good few hours exploring the Natural History Museum.

Be sure to spot Hope, the giant blue whale that’s suspended pride of place in Hintze Hall and is so huge! Plus, don’t forget to visit the dinosaur galleries, spot the dodo and see the scientists at work in the Darwin Centre.

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If you’re feeling up for it, head over to the nearby V&A Museum (next door) and book a performance (or tour) of the Royal Albert Hall. Both are within easy walking distance of the Natural History Museum and well worth a look around. 

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Once inside the grounds, be sure to visit; the Palm House, Waterlily House and the Treetop Walkway that skims right within the branches of the trees. It’s gorgeous and you can easily spend a whole day wandering the grounds. 

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Portobello Street Market in West London

Cutting right through Notting Hill, Portobello Road is one of West London’s coolest streets to visit. Not only does it have a heap of boutiques and independent shops to visit, it also hosts a weekend market that’s as bustling and varied as they come. 

From antiques to freshly-made treats, there’s a little something for everyone at the market. Though, it does get super busy, especially on a sunny day.  

If it’s antiques you’re after, head over to Alice’s which is an iconic vintage shop that’s perfect for a little trinket to take home! Best of all, the prices aren’t quite as eye-watering compared to other London vintage stores. 

Famous bookshop from Notting Hill Film in London

On the point of shops, make sure to walk the 15-seconds onto Blenheim Cresent.

Here, you’ll be able to pop into the Notting Hill Bookshop, which is a film-buff and book worm’s dream spot. You see, it’s the exact bookshop featured in the film, Notting Hill.  

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Hampton Court Palace in West London

Hampton Court Palace is probably one of West London’s most well-known palaces. With over 500 years of history, the palace and gardens are just incredible to see.

Once here, be sure to explore the gardens, visit the Great Hall, William III’s (totally gorgeous) apartments and see Chapel Royal. 

Oh, also, don’t forget about the

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Museum in West London

Afterwards, head over to nearby Chiswick House and Gardens with its Iconic Temple and the house itself. 

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palace in West London to visit

Palace in West London

Best Things To Do In West London

A perfect place for a few hours visit that can easily be partnered with a trip to the nearby Design Museum and Holland Park. 

This Is The Best Way To Watch Rugby In London! (16)

If you’re a rugby fan, then you’ll want to get yourself over to Twickenham; the home of England Rugby.

Throughout the year, you’ll be able to catch a heap of rugby games and fixtures, as well as international competitions. They also have festival-style rugby events, like the Rugby Sevens that was so much fun! 

Also, don’t forget to pop into the World Rugby Museum for the lowdown on all things rugby! It’s one of the best things to do in West London for sports lovers, though you might find it a bore if you’re not into your rugby. 

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Best Things To Do In West London

The historic and totally beautiful Ham House dates back to the 1600s and is one epic spot in West London to explore. Not only that, the gardens are stunning, too. 

You can easily spend a good few hours strolling Ham House and the interior is just as impressive as the outside itself. Not only that, the house has a world-renowned collection of art to see and well worth taking a gander whilst strolling between the grand rooms.

Afterwards, hop on Hammerton’s Ferry across the Thames River and visit the Orleans House Gallery and nearby Marble Hill House

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