5 Really Cool Things You Don’t Need But Will Want


5 Really Cool Things You Don’t Need But Will Want

Because half of the fun is about getting the stuff you want, not the stuff that you need!

1.) The iKettle:
5 Really Cool Things You Don’t Need But Should Get Anyway! (5)

You can control this kettle using your phone! No more standing around in the kitchen waiting around like a  for your first drops of caffeine. You can just pop the kettle on as soon as you get up on your phone (or even as you get in from work). (For: Europe || America)

Rubiks cubes are one of the most retro (and most frustrating) toys you could possibly own so why not take it that notch further (the retro-ness not the frustration) with a Rubiks cube light? (For: Europe || America)

The makers of sphero (the most amazing remote control ball ever) have come up with a sibling for sphero – meet Ollie! Ollie is much faster than Sphero, lights up and does pretty cool tricks! Confession: I have both Sphero and Ollie. Perfect distraction for any little and big kids in your home! 😉 (For: Europe || America)

Turn every bath time into disco time – or use this to turn your pool into into a disco-light pool. I don’t have a pool but I would use this for bath time. (For: Europe || America)

Perhaps the best way to keep your hands warm (asides gloves – which can sometimes leave a lot to be desired). Also, it takes me ages to get my hands warm when I’m out and about in the cold so this is perfect for warm hands! (For: Europe || America)

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