7 Very Best Things To Do In San Juan, Puerto Rico


7 Very Best Things To Do In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Nestled on the Atlantic Coast of Puerto Rico, San Juan is typically the first port-of-call when you arrive on the island. Being the largest city,  it’s got centuries of history, vibrant neighbourhoods and a heap of the best things to do in San Juan dotted all across the city. 

These all make it a firm-favourite to visit when in Puerto Rico. This all makes it a great place to start your adventure around the island or for a city break, too. 

Honestly, the whole island of Puerto Rico is stunning, especially with all the gorgeous places to see. You won’t wanna miss it! That being said, if it’s a city vibe you’re after, then San Juan will be the place to be.

So, to hit the ground running, I wanted to share some epic places to visit in San Juan whilst you explore the city.

Best Things To Do In San Juan

Take a look, below, at the best things to do in San Juan. Have an amazing trip! 

Best Things To Do In San Juan

For me, Old San Juan is the first place you have to visit once arriving in the city!

As you potter around, you’ll be able to take in Garita del Diablo, the 16th Century Puerta de San Juan city gate and partner it up with a visit to Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

Best Things To Do In San Juan

For a totally cool little bar, pop into El Batey Bar. It’s nothing fancy but one of the oldest watering holes in the city. Such a great experience. 

Best Things To Do In San Juan

If you’re getting hungry, pop into Café Manolín for their Mofongo stuffed with shrimp.

Again, it’s not the kind of place you go for a fancy meal but it’s got all the atmosphere and charm for a really authentic lunch in the Old Town.  

El Morro In San Juan

Best Things To Do In San Juan

Yes, it’s probably one of the more popular (and sometimes busier) spots in San Juan – but rightly so! The history is incredible to see. 

Best Things To Do In San Juan

Once in the area, make sure to explore the Museum of Art (MAPR) for their eighteen halls filled with thousands of works of art. If that’s not your thing, head to the streets around Calle Cerra where you’ll get to see heaps of street art and murals to see.

Santruce In San Juan

Plus, you’ll get to call into MUSA for a tasty lunch (and cocktails) – their blackened tuna is everything!

Best Things To Do In San Juan

If hunger strikes, be sure to pop into La Garita that has some tasty mofongo and incredible views across the shore. Just be aware, you can wait a little while for the food to arrive! 

Best Things To Do In San Juan

As with all cities, use sensible precautions when exploring areas. Although safe in the daytime, I wouldn’t recommend walking around this area alone at night.

Best Things To Do In San Juan

Best Beach in San Juan Puerto Rico

Situated just shy of the Old Town of San Juan, Condado is a neighbourhood that’s perfect if you want some time at the beach. 

Now, Condado Beach might get a little busy on weekends, but it’s still a great spot to chill out and go for a little dip! Just arrive earlier in the morning if you want to avoid most of the crowds.  Plus, you can rent chairs and umbrellas right on the beachfront. 

Best Things To Do In San Juan

Not only that, it’s got a heap of hotels and little foodie spots the line the bays and shoreline too. It’s one of the best things to do in San Juan if you fancy a few days relaxing in the city. 

Oh, and don’t forget lunch at Orozco’s Restaurant – a totally informal spot for one of the tastiest local dishes in Condado. 

El Capitilio In San Juan

Probably one of the grandest buildings in all of Puerto Rico, El Capitolio is stunning to visit. 

Once here, hop on one of the guided tours to see the incredible architecture inside. Though, it’s often hit or miss if you can actually get on one. Still, worth a gander and to ask once you arrive in the area. 

Alternatively, if you do just see it from the outside, be sure to visit the Plaza de San Juan Bautista for the best views of El Capitolio.

Plus, there’s a lovely walking area around Playa del Capitolio, too.

Afterwards, head over to Waffle-era for a tasty brunch. Their ‘Bridget Special’ waffle with cream cheese and is so good.

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