9 Amazing Halloween Costumes And Makeup Ideas!


9 Amazing Halloween Costumes And Makeup Ideas!

Halloween is definitely one of the most fun evenings for kids and adults alike. For us adults, not only do you get to play dress up and wear things that would probably be unacceptable on any other day of the year, you also get to indulge in as much sugar-laden goodies as you can handle guilt-free of course – even though that guilt-free feeling might be partly due to the fact that you’re inebriated from the many spooky-theme cocktails you’ve had on the night so far. Let’s face it – a halloween party is easily one of the most fun parties of the year!

Halloween Makeup Ideas

First things first though – halloween is nothing without a good halloween costume! Costume ideas seem to vary from year to year – one year it was the face with the zip on it and the very next it was all about American Horror Story. Well, we’ve rounded up a few costume and make up ideas to help you get started with your halloween party planning and have an amazing night!

N.B.: No sexy kitten outfits or hunky supermen. Halloween is all about being scary! 🙂 😉 

1.) Transform into a dark ice queen (or indeed King – same principles apply)

2.) Become a broken doll…

3.) Scary skeletons are an absolute halloween essential (and quite frankly, one of the easiest options to go for if you leave your planning till the last minute)

4.) Zombies are so hot right now! (Not visually of course.. 😉 )

5.) Beware of the Evil clown

6.) There are so many takes you can have on the evil clown look…

7.) You could also become some ethereal tree creature

8.) Minimal yet thoroughly terrifying zombie looks are a sure-fire way to win this halloween.

9.) Finally, a guaranteed classic – the Hellraiser look!

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