Photography Cheat Sheets – Amazing Tips For Brilliant Photos!


Photography Cheat Sheets – Amazing Tips For Brilliant Photos!

Today, while I was randomly perusing Pinterest (and simultaneous nursing my post-lunch food belly), I came across a couple of rather interesting photography cheat sheets that I haven’t seen around but which I find pretty much on the money. Usually I’m not a fan of sharing infographics or anything that looks remotely like one (I’m not really sure why) but given how handy these cheat sheets are – especially if you have found yourself using like 1% of what your camera is capable of, then I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased to have one of these sheets!

Why was I on Pinterest in the first case? Well, I finally got round to releasing our photography book on Amazon and Apple iBooks for all devices (Woohoo!!!) I’d shared this news on Pinterest when I then came across the cheat sheets. I’m so pleased about the release as I’d been wanting to do this for ages but it’s so much work trying to put it all together (and especially the formatting aspect of it as Amazon, iBooks for iPad, iBooks for iPhones or iPods and PDFs all have different formatting requirements and it’s nothing short of exhausting trying to do this! 🙂 )

The cheat sheets should ideally help you started with understanding the camera and our book will help you take the next steps to teach you specific tips, tricks and techniques to ensure you nail your photography! 🙂 (More details and a preview is available here) You can get your hands on our books in one of the places below:

Option 1: GET IT ON AMAZON (select your country below):



And here’s the second infographic! It pretty much covers stuff similar to the first one but hopefully, if you found anything confusing in the first one, this will help clarify it. Either ways, you’ll that the combination of the cheat sheets should provide you with a decent head-start and you can get our book to take you all the way with your photography (shameless plug here… hehehe!!!)

Here are the cheat sheets!!!

Photography Cheat Sheets - Amazing Tips For Brilliant Photos! (2) Photography Cheat Sheets - Amazing Tips For Brilliant Photos! (1)

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