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Unbelievable image of – Stilt Fishing

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Stilt Fishing

With over 100 river basins in the island there are hundreds of estuaries, mangrove lagoons and coastal lakes which provide popular spots for local surf casters and bait fishermen. Still fishing is available inland and offshore but special care needs to be taken when choosing a location because of complicated fishing rights within the community. Red Dot can provide a local guide to help avoid potential conflicts and find the best spots.

Red Dot can organise trips to Bolgoda Lake (45 mins south of Colombo), Kalpitiya Lagoon (three hours north of Colombo), Giritale Tank (an ancient reservoir near Polonnaruwa in the Cultural Triangle), Parakrama Samudraya (ancient reservoir in Polonnaruwa), Samanalawewa Reservoir (Balangoda), and Chandrika Wewa Lake (Embilipitiya, near to Uda Walawe National Park). These packages include about 4 hours of fishing. The cost would include the hire of a boat with a guide. Rods, reels and bait are available on request.

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