Madden 22 MUT database: Best players, top card ratings for Ultimate Team at launch


Madden 22 MUT database: Best players, top card ratings for Ultimate Team at launch

“Madden NFL 22” is here, which means the initial database of Madden Ultimate Cards have been released.

Cards will obviously be released all throughout the season, but we’re to help you get an advantage early on. We’ve listed some of the notable cards below, and how to get some of the more unique cards in the database. Although some of the cards will be very difficult to get right off the bat. For instance, the two highest overall cards (George Kittle and Linval Joseph) are part of the MUT Level Rewards as you progress throughout the season. Meaning, you won’t be able to pick them up until you reach the specific milestones (level 50 for Kittle, level 40 for Joseph). 

The two highest overall quarterbacks (Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady) are available as MUT Rewards for people who preordered the game.

This post only reflects the Madden Ultimate Team cards available at the launch of Madden 22. This post will not be updated throughout the year.

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Only nine cards at the launch of Madden 22 are rated 88 overall or higher. An additional 29 cards come in at 87 overall. There are a total of 86 cards rated 85 overall or higher. Followed right below that threshold are the Team Builders, which all come in at 84 overall.

There are other various programs in MUT 22, and we list out the players in the special ones. We did not list out the players involved in the power up or any of the core (rookie, bronze, silver, gold, elite) programs.

All Team Builders cards are rated at 84 overall, and they can all equip 1 X-Factor and 1 Superstar Ability. Each NFL team has one offensive and one defensive player available as part of this series.

You get to choose which Team Builder card you want after completing 7 of the 10 activities listed under the missions tab in Team Affinity. You can get additional Team Builder cards in the exchange program. You’ll need to exchange three 80-82 OVR Elite and three 75-79 OVR Gold players to get your choice of one Team Builder.

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The launch of Madden Ultimate Team 22 features some rewards players, most notably if you bought the most expensive version of Madden 22 (the Dynasty Edition). 

You first choose whether you want an elite Tom Brady card and his power up, or an elite Patrick Mahomes card and his power up (we suggest the Mahomes route). You then choose from one of two packs. One pack features Brady on the cover, and the other has Mahomes. The Brady pack features 85 overall Wes Welker and an 85 overall Rodney Harrison. The Mahomes pack gets you 85 overall Randy Moss and an 85 overall Deion Sanders (again, we’d suggest the Mahomes route).

There are some other programs as well, which we detail below. You can pick up various players from activities such as playing Superstar KO, progressing through the level rewards and even buying gear for The Yard.

M22 Reward



Ultimate Champion

Superstar KO


Rookie Premiere

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