Madden 22 team ratings: The best, worst NFL teams to play with listed by overall rating


Madden 22 team ratings: The best, worst NFL teams to play with listed by overall rating

“Madden NFL 22” is here, and if you want to get an advantage on your opponents in online play by using the best team possible, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we break down the best teams in Madden 22 by overall rating, offensive rating and defensive rating. As one might expect, the two Super Bowl teams (Bucs, Chiefs) come in with the best ratings overall. Other playoff teams make up the majority of the Top 10. 

Things get a little different when it comes to offensive and defensive ratings, especially defense. There are a lot of teams with a high defensive rating, but real low offensive rating. Even the Chiefs with the second-highest overall rating are a little lopsided with an insane 96 overall offense, but a fairly low 78 defense. 

Below, we go over all of the team ratings at the launch of Madden 22. These ratings will change throughout the year as EA Sports provides weekly updates.

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The Buccaneers, Chiefs, Packers, Ravens and Browns make up the top five overall teams in Madden 22. This isn’t too surprising, considering the top three teams were among the final four teams standing in last year’s NFL Playoffs. The fourth team, the Bills, are just outside of the top five at six. The Bucs are not only the top overall team in Madden 22, but they are the only team with a 90+ overall rating in offense and defense. The Packers and Ravens are also balanced, being in the top 10 on both sides of the ball. 

Teams you’ll want to avoid are the Jets, Panthers, Lions, Bengals and Jaguars who round out the bottom five overall. The Jets are the only team with an offense or defense team rating below 70 overall (69 on offense). 

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