Euro 2021 tiebreakers: How groups are decided if teams are tied on points


Euro 2021 tiebreakers: How groups are decided if teams are tied on points

We’ve reached crunch time in the Euro 2021 group stage. The final round of group matches will determine which 16 teams will advance to the knockout rounds and which eight teams will be heading home.

The teams qualifying for the Round of 16 will be: the top two teams in each of the six groups, plus the four best third-place finishers.

Group tiebreakers will come into play if any teams are tied on points. Here are the Euro 2021 tiebreakers that will be used if two or more teams finish with the same points total in their group:

The tiebreakers are outlined on page 17 of the official Euros competition rulebook.

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It’s important to note that in the case that more than two teams are even on points (e.g. a three-way or four-way tie), if there are still teams that are deadlocked after applying tiebreakers Nos. 1-3 above, then Nos. 1-3 are reapplied to the specific teams that remain tied, and exclusively to the matches between them. And if that still doesn’t break the tie, then Nos. 4-8 will be applied to those same remaining teams.

We saw the three-team tiebreaker come into play with Group B (Denmark, Finland and Russia on three points) and we could see it again in Group E action.

(X = advances to Round of 16 knockouts)

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