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»Volumetric Clothing« is a visualization method that redefines how the wearing of clothing is visually experienced. Using an innovative method of information design, in which clothing and body movement are combined live in a video installation, this work creates a unique clothing experience. As such, it presents an extraordinary 3D extension of the point of sale, which is particularly relevant for fashion brands and their customers’ shopping experience.

The “Volumetric Clothing” visualization method is the result of project work, which originally set out to re-think sober dressing rooms. The result is the visionary combination of clothing and body movement that creates an interactive work of art. Based on a generative system, the regime created by the designer delivers ever new unique visuals that enable a particular aesthetic perception of the clothing: Every movement of the customer’s body is transmitted directly to the 3D sales room, which thus is continually filled with aesthetically impressive, graphic volumes.

With particular relevance for sportswear, models were kitted out in fashion from the “Stella McCartney for Adidas” range to implement the interactive system. The developed installation links up the person wearing the clothing to a generative mesh structure, which visually is derived from the materiality of modern sport textiles. As such, the presentation of a collection becomes an interactive event. At the moment of the fitting, the unique visual result of the combination of individual clothing and the movement of one’s own body becomes a sale element that can be experienced and that is totally new in the fashion industry. This way fashion brands can considerably extend their point of sale and, by broadening the shopping experience, facilitate and influence their customers’ decision as to whether to make the purchase or not.

A special tracking method records a person’s motion coordinates, as well as information about the color and texture of their clothing. The size, position and movement of the body silhouettes recorded determine the characteristics and appearance of a generative mesh structure, which interpret these parameters. Based on this, the colors, textures, and patterns of the clothing worn are projected on to the structure. This way real-time visuals are generated which broaden the aesthetic impact of clothing and open up a whole new experience to customers.

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