Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Who is going to start at 3rd Johan Camargo, Austin Riley, or Kris BryantThis is one of the bigges…

Who is going to start at 3rd? Johan Camargo, Austin Riley, or Kris Bryant

This is one of the biggest questions braves country has had in a long time. With a contending team who has made moves and moves again, you would expect the hot corner to be a little bit more “Major league”. Not to disrespect the 2 young braves third baseman, but it is a little bit puzzling how we aren’t trying to bulk up our hot corner.
The Braves will most likely ride the hot bat, which brings up a very good topic surrounding Kris Bryant. The Cubs have a super star at 3rd and will want quite a bit in return, and will want a MLB 3rd baseman back for him. So if Johan or Austin get hot, do the Braves make the trade for him? Or are we too afraid to pull the trigger for Kris Breezy. Also, Kris Bryant is under contract for 2 more seasons, which would definitely make the trade more realistic for us. Let me know in the comments and be sure to drop a follow!!

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