You vs. Science

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You vs. Science

What works for you won’t always be backed by science. 

What is supported by science won’t always work best for you. 

That doesn’t mean your non-scientific approach isn’t effective.

It also doesn’t mean the science that does not support your approach isn’t right. 

The most effective approach for the majority of people is what is supported by science. But, even the best research has limitations. It can’t adjust to all the details of real life. Once you realize this, it’s easier to navigate the “you” plan with fewer bumps in the road.

Use science like a compass, but don’t be afraid to channel your inner explorer. 

Use science like a compass, but don’t be afraid to channel your inner explorer.

The destination of your ideal health plan is found at the intersection of doing what works and experimenting with what works for you. 

How do you find this desired location? 

Use science to leverage principles that we have strong reasons to believe are true and will work for the majority of people. 

Use personal experience, lifestyle factors, and personal preferences to adjust the principles to work for you, even if it means bending the rules.

Learning to balance these two variables — and letting the former lead the latter — will help guide you to better health.

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